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from £3,000

A wide range of autoclaves for all requirements. 

Cominox, established in 1984, is one of the leading autoclave manufacturers, based in Italy. The SterilClave® range is the result of over 25 years of experience in the sterilization field. In 2008, Cominox obtained the IMQ UNI 13060 mark on its sterilizers as the first and only Italian company.

We stock service parts for Cominox autoclaves and can validate your Cominox autoclave using a professional data logger.

Cominox B-type autoclaves
fractional vacuum, using a vacuum pump
versatile autoclaves for all applications, optional Cominox Sterilabel printer for traceability of sterile packs

Technical features:

  • 5 standard trays (5 long trays in 24l models)
  • large LCD display
  • integrated printer as standard
  • optional USB port for paperless records  (memory stick + Cominox Reader software + integrated SD card)
  • 19 electronic process controls
  • automatic door opening (patent pending Vacuum Locking System)

Available models:

  • Cominox SterilClave® 18B with integrated printer (no upgrade to USB version), 5 standard trays
  • Cominox SterilClave® 18BHD with integrated printer, 5 standard trays
  • Cominox SterilClave® 18BHD with USB port & Cominox reader software, 5 standard trays

  • Cominox SterilClave® 24B with integrated printer (no upgrade to USB version), 5 long trays
  • Cominox SterilClave® 24BHD with integrated printer, 5 long trays
  • Cominox SterilClave® 24BHD with USB port & Cominox Reader software, 5 long trays

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