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Traceability - for Cominox autoclaves

Traceability is a safety cornerstone: high-quality sterilization encloses also an accurate and precise operations management, correct filing and an easy identification of the right procedures development.

That is why Cominox created a complete management system of information on cycles equipped with software, which allow to easily read, by the CominoxReader, the saved data archive, or observe the sterilization process in real time with a PC connected to the sterilizer through CominoxWizard, in order to obtain a steady security control.

Sterilabel allows a correct and safe storage of sterilized loads and is equipped with a labeling system connected to the cycle management software.

Cominox Sterilabel
label printer for traceability of sterile packs

Cominox Sterilabel is a thermal label printer which can record the sterilization process in order to recognize materials and check the process traceability: it can be really easily used. Up to 100 simple and precut labels can be print for every single sterilization cycle. Also barcodes can be printed.

  • labels and/or barcode thermal printer
  • pre-cut labels easy to use
  • prints up to 100 labels with information of recent cycles
  • setting expiration date from the display of Sterilclave
  • compact size (H 85mm x W 50mm x D 150mm)

Available models:

  • Cominox Sterilabel, includes printer and 1 label roll £290.00

Cominox Reader
for data transfer to PC

Cominox Reader is the software able to transfer the carried-out-sterilization-cycle information to the PC: it is the ideal system to keep the traceability under control. By Cominox Reader, maintenance and carried-out cycles can be recorded, data can be filed, archived cycles can be displayed and every detail can be print in table or box format. It is the right tool to keep traceability under control.

Cominox Reader software is provided as standard with autoclaves equipped with a USB port.

Cominox Wizard
autoclave - PC permanent connection for cycle monitoring 

Cominox Wizard is a program which allows to check sterilizer’s functions at any time. One PC can be connected simultaneously to many sterilizers and their status can be checked in real time, displaying all the details and the cycle graphs. Sterilization and storage data can be filed and displayed at any time in table or graph form.

Available models:

  • Cominox Wizard Kit - includes software, cable and ahrdware security key £250.00
  • Ethernet LCD Device - for connecting Sterilclave to the LAN network £260.00

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