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Midi Pro treatment centres

Simple and reliable. Compact chair and unit, perfect for small surgeries.
 Made in USA. 

Main features

  • integrated piezo scaler and fibre optic tubing

  • made in USA - over 40 years of experience

  • perfect for small surgeries
aesthetic, friendly design
simple, robust build
fully customisable
  • services hidden in the chair base

Promed AG03 patient's chair

  • seamless, artificial leather, easy-to-clean, hygienic upholstery - 23 colours
  • 4 basic movements
, 4 user-defined programs
  • 230kg lifting capacity
  • stainless steel structure

  • seat and backrest movement by 2 electric motors (24V)
, made in Denmark
  • double articulated and extensible headrest
  • left rubberised armrest

  • optional right, movable armrest
  • anatomic seat, large backrest

  • foot control
 for chair movement
  • automatic reset with safety devices
  • optional upgrade to Promed AG04 patient's chair
  • range of stools with matching upholstery

International delivery system:

  1. 3-in-1 syringe with quick change autoclavable tip
  2. piezo-scaler as standard (inc. autoclavable scaler handpiece, 5 tips, torque wrench)
    ptional upgrade to optic piezo scaler
  3. Midwest outlet, non-optic (for air motor)
    optional upgrade to Midwest outlet, optic
    ptional upgrade to electric, optic micromotor and LCD control panel
  4. Midwest outlet, optic (for high-speed turbine)
  • clean water system
  • asepsis designed automatic selection for 3 handpieces
  • side-mounted control adjustments
  • master on/off toggle with indicator
  • pressure adjustment for each handpiece
  • easy to read pressure gauge
  • air coolant flow adjustment
  • non-retracting water coolant adjustment and purge
  • water coolant on/off
  • plater brass valving for long life
  • asepsis handpiece tubing, sterling
  • arm-mounted tray holder, 30" lateral movement, 360 degrees rotation
  • asepsis flex arm system with pneumatic brake, 52" reach, 27" vertical travel
  • soft-touch variable speed foot control for handpieces
    optional upgrade to wet/dry or wet/dry/chip blower foot control
  • optional change to mobile cart

Spittoon block:

  • easy clean asepsis design
  • ceramic bowl
  • quick release autoclavable cup filler and bowl rinse spout
  • adjustable timed bowl rinse
  • vacuum canister with removable screen
  • 1/4" female water quick disconnect
  • integrated Durr spittoon valve

Assistant's arm:

  1. 3-way syringe with quick change autoclavable tip
  2. high volume suction cannula (small)
  3. high volume suction cannula (big)

Operating light:

  • Faro Maia LED operating light with adjustable brightness level and proximity sensor
  • low power consumption, no need to replace bulbs

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