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Faro Maia - LED operating light

The ideal solution for anyone looking for a LED operating light with high performance at an affordable price. 

Made in Italy.

Faro patented optical system, removable and sterilizable handles and, from now on, a new electronic board which ensures the perfect compatibility with the video acquisition systems and diagnostic tools. 

Main features:

  • fanless, noiseless
  • LED technology, no need to replace bulbs
  • power consumption max 9W
  • adjustable light intensity 3,000 - 35,000 lux
  • constant daylight colour temperature 5,000° K
  • two-axis or optional three-axis head rotation
  • reflecting parabola creating an absolutely uniform 
  • spotlight area of 170x85 mm
  • shadow-reducing, scialytic effect (patented)
  • removable, autoclavable handles
  • chair-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted version
  • can be retrofitted to replace existing light on a dental chair

Patented optical project with reflected light

Thanks to the exclusive optical project with reflected light, the 258 small reflecting facets of each of the two parabolas avoid the direct rays of the 2 LEDs, creating an absolutely uniform spotlight area of 170x85 mm.

The accurate definition of the spotlight removes the glare, protecting your patients’ eyes.

The shadow-removing effect

The new MAIA light produces a net shadow: an ellipse of 9x6 mm


The light intensity produced is comprised between 3.000 and 35.000 lux.

The progressive regulation of light intensity

It’s provided with an advanced electronic device that manages the regulation from maximum to minimum, in order to assure a constant colour temperature (equal to 5.000 K) at every level of brightness (3.000 to 35.000 lux).

Easy to move 

Perfect balancing, combined with the exclusive head rotation system on two axis

Removable and sterilizable handles.

Technical specification:

  • power Supply: 17 - 24 Vac 50/60 Hz; 22 - 35 Vdc
  • absorbed Power: max 9 VA
  • lighting source: 2 LED
  • lighting spot: 170 x 85 mm
  • cooling System: static heat sink (no fan required)
  • handles: removable and autoclavable
  • standard arm colors: Ral 9002 / Ral 9010 / Powder White

Available models:

  • chair-mounted version
    • upgrade to proximity sensor switch
    • ceiling mounting kit

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