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Helping you to choose the right seating

Throughout the website you may come across terms that do not mean anything to you, therefore please see below our Jargon Buster, which is intended to assist you in choosing the correct seating. The use for each model that is described throughout the website is only intended as a guide.


Height Adjustment

This is the adjustable height range of the cylinder from the lowest to the highest point, measured from the floor to the centre of the centre seat pad. Our seating is normally supplied with the option of a standard or high cylinder.

However, if required, we are able to supply a lower or higher option. Should you require this, please contact us for details. Seating with a high cylinder is supplied as standard with an adjustable foot ring. whilst not recommended this may be removed if required.

The images to the left show the difference in height range between the stanndard and high cylinders.

Murray-guide-2Tilt Facility

The seat pad, tilts back and forth to enable pelvic movement, which helps promote a good neutral spinal position. On all models where applicable, except the SGEM-GT, the back rest and the seat pad can be independently adjusted and used in a free floating or locked position.


Back Rest Rake Adjustment

This is a spring loaded adjustable movement. It may be in a free floating position, which means, as the operative leans back and forth, the back rest will move with him / her, providing continous support, alternatively it can be locked into position.


Back Rest Height Adjustment

This is raised manually up and down, to achieve the correct position for the lumber support, and then locked into place.


The Base

The Base of the chair is powder coated, aluminium, which can be upgrade, to polished aluminium. Many bases are strenthened by a honeycomb effect on the underside, which is an ideal place for bacteria to breed. Our base is strenthened by a T structure, which gives a smooth clean surface to wipe clean.


All products comply with fire safety regulations and ISO 9001. Our seating is free from latex. The upholstery is breathable, wipe clean and impregnated with antibacterial agents at the point of manufacture. There is a choice of 85 colours which are included in the price. It is common practice that colour is used, as a device to identify which department or theatre the chair(s) / stool(s) belongs to.

Restraint Castor

These act on vinyl flooring, in a similar way to a normal free wheeling castor would act on a carpeted floor. All our stools / chairs are fitted as standard, with Restraint Castors or Static feet. However, we have a full range of locking castors, please refer to the optional extras page for a detailed description of their functions.

Double Curvature

Double Curvature means a contoured moulded seat pad.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity cylinders have been tested to hold a weight of 22 stones. If required this may be increased. Detail on request.

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