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Promed stools

Wide range of dentist, assistant and saddle stools. 23 upholstery colours available.

Main features:

  • modern, stylish design
  • seamless, easy-to-clean artificial leather upholstery 
  • available in 23 colours 
  • available as dentist's stool, assistant's stool, saddle stool and universal stool
  • optional adjustable backrest
  • optional footrest ring

Dentist's stool: Syncro T3, Syncro T5
(different shape of seat and backrest; optional footrest)

Assistant's stool: Assist, Assist Plus
(Assist: non-adjustable backrest; Assist Plus: adjustable backrest; optional footrest)

Saddle stool: Harley, Harley Comfort
(Harley: seat up/down movement; Assist Plus: also with tilt adjustment; optional footrest)

Universal stool: 4U, 4U-S
(4U: no backrest; 4U-S: with backrest; optional footrest)

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