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Dürr Dental accessories

We run a range of Dürr Dental accessories and replacement parts. 
If the part you are looking for is not listed on this site it is always worth giving us a call.


Orotol® plus suction unit disinfectant

Foam-free liquid concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, cleaning, deodorisation and care of all suction units and amalgam separators.


MD 555 special cleaner for suction units

Foam-free cleaning concentrate for all kinds of suction units and amalgam separators.

durr spittoon valve

Dürr Dental spittoon valve

Dürr Dental suction terminals and terminal accessories


Dürr Dental suction hoses
large suction, 1.6m
large suction, 1.45m
saliva ejector hose, 1.6m
saliva ejector hose, 1.45m


Dürr Dental bacterial filter

Bacterial filter for suction pump exhaust (for use with V/VS/VSA 300 S pumps)


Amalgam canister

Replacement amalgam canister for VSA300 suction pump


Disposable filter for Comfort manifold 
available in packs of 12 or 36

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