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Dürr Image Plates

Dürr Dental has been shaping the diagnosic in dental practices for almost five years.

Digital X-raying with Image Plates and Sensors provide a quick and safe way to obtain pictures in highest quality. The visualisation of intra oral situations using camera systems enables necessary measures to become more comprehensible for patients and increases their understanding.

  • Highest picture quality
  • A well thought out user concept
  • Rewarded products for design and shape
  • Individually adaptable to suit customer needs

The best for you - promised!

Image plate technology


The development of the VistaScan has allowed the advantages of the image plate technology such as exposure time, high grey scale range, high local resolution and low radiation dose to be fully exploited and makes this technology even more attractive compared with other sensor technologies.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

The image plates can be exposed and deleted again several 100 times. No developer chemicals are required, thus eliminating stocking and disposal.

Advantages of image plates

  • As flexible and thin as a film for simple positioning
  • Conventional holder systems
  • Cable-free system
  • All standard formats
  • Broader exposure time frame
  • Wide grey scale range
  • 1 system for the whole surgery
  • In ost cases the existing X-ray system can continue to be used

Disadvantages of CCD/CMOS sensor

  • Rigid and relatively thick, thus limited positioning possibilities
  • Special holder systems are necessary
  • Cable connection
  • Only limited range of formats
  • Narrow exposure time frame and grey scale range
  • Higher costs for multi-station systems

More details on the manufacturer's website.

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