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Dürr Vistascan Mini View

Digital x-ray scanner for size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 image plates. Advanced model with a touchsceen and WIFI connectivity. 

Easy and cost-effective upgrade to high resolution, digital x-ray imaging for the whole practice.

The new VistaScan Mini View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitisation of image plates. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen with its easy-to-use user interface contributes to this. Its compact size and integrated wireless functions make the device really flexible.


  • image plate scanner, software, accessories
  • accepts image plates size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 4.3” colour touchscreen
  • LAN and WIFI connectivity
  • Top image quality
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • ScanManager for optimum workflow
  • For all intraoral formats
  • Reliability thanks to internal memory
  • PC connection via WLAN/LAN
  • Standalone mode possible

A new standard for image plate scanners

The new compact VistaScan Mini View impresses users with its tried-and-trusted technology and the excellent image quality of the VistaScan family. It also offers numerous functions which noticeably increase comfort, efficiency and safety during everyday work. This gives the surgery team the confidence that they can rely on their equipment.


The best possible detection of details - reliable diagnostics

The level of detection of details achieved by the VistaScan image plates is superior to that of both X-ray film and other image plate systems. This provides dentists with a sound basis for making reliable diagnoses. The DBSWIN imaging software provides help in this regard and ensures ergonomic work processes. The VistaScan Mini View can even be used with other common software if necessary.


The easy way from the film to the image plate

Dürr Dental image plate technology ensures an extremely easy switch from X-ray film to a digital workflow. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from those for analogue film, there‘s not really anything new to learn. The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for both the surgery team and patients: It is easier to position and sits more comfortably in the patient‘s mouth. Once an image has been taken, it appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. The durable image plate is then immediately ready to be used again.


All intraoral formats

You can use all intraoral image plate formats with the VistaScan Mini View - from size 0 to size 4. The process is as easy as for analogue film.

Standalone mode


The VistaScan Mini View can also work independently, e.g. if the IT network goes down, you can still scan and save X-ray images. The images are temporarily placed in the internal memory and are later transferred to the database. It is also ideally suited for use as a mobile solution, e.g. when visiting care homes for the elderly.


Convenient touchscreen

The 4,3“ high resolution touchscreen can display 16.7 million colours. It provides excellent image quality. The preview function for the scanned image allows X-ray results to be quickly checked.


Excellent image quality

Thanks to PCS technology, the VistaScan Mini View can reliably depict D1 caries lesions and endo instruments up to ISO 06.


ScanManager - for even more efficient work

You can send scan jobs to the scanner at any time from any workstation. Select the job, scan, done. The images are then automatically transmitted to the requesting PC. There‘s no need to wait around near the device.


Compact and flexible

Thanks to its low space requirements, the VistaScan Mini View is ideal for placing next to treatment chairs: It‘s ideal for taking X-rays and scans right at the treatment station.


Intuitive controls - optimum workflow

The convenient user interface enables the easy operation of the VistaScan Mini View - by hand or with the provided stylus. In addition to other functions, it provides lots of information to support workflows.

Wi-Fi functionality


The integrated wireless functionality allows the VistaScan Mini View to be easily integrated into an existing network and placed almost anywhere you want, e.g. right next to a treatment chair. Naturally, there is also a LAN interface.

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